Our Green Office

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The Dictionary Project staff cares about the environment and demonstrates this in the way we do our jobs each day. In our office in Mt. Pleasant, SC, we reuse paper whenever possible by printing on both sides of the page, saving the backs of paper and envelopes for notepaper, and reusing large mailing envelopes. The paper we buy is made sustainably, including post-consumer recycled content. Our newest computers use power supplies that are up to 90% energy-efficient, and we use energy-efficient servers for our website as well. We use laptop computers, which use less energy than desktop models. The office is lit with compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Our greatest energy savings comes from the fact that all three members of our staff can work from home, with two of us working exclusively from a home office. We use e-mail and Google Drive, as well as our website database, to share information with one another. Thus, our work comes to us electronically, and we don’t have to drive to an office or mail a lot of documents back and forth in order to take care of our sponsors and their projects. In our homes we save electricity and other resources by recycling, using efficient lighting and heating, and powering down our printers and computers when we are not working.

All of these efficiencies help to save money, enabling us to spend as many donated dollars as possible on dictionaries, but most importantly they are good for the Earth. The Dictionary Project is all about preparing children for the future by helping them to get the best education possible. We want to help make sure that future includes a clean and healthy world.