Cash Donation

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Cash donations allow the Dictionary Project to donate dictionaries to children in schools that do not yet have local sponsors, both in the United States and internationally.

With your financial support, the Dictionary Project can expand its reach and have a greater impact on a larger number of young children. Please consider making a significant gift to the Dictionary Project today or at the time of your death, and such gifts will be tax-deductible. A current gift can be made simply by sending us your check at this time. And if you would like to leave a contribution to us upon your death, you can do this by a bequest in your will, or if you have a trust, by a distribution from your trust at the time of your death. Please visit with your attorney or investment or tax adviser if you would like to make such a gift to us. We would be most appreciative of your financial support.

Giving Strategies

Cash - the simplest form of giving, is tax deductible and not subject to gift or estate tax. We can charge your gift to your credit card.

To make a cash donation to the Dictionary Project through Network for Good, please click on the button below.

 Donate Now Through Network For Good

Securities - Gifts of long-term appreciated assets enable you to save on income and capital gains tax. Generally, the full, fair market value of long-term securities may be deducted.

Property - The full value of your gift up to 30% of adjusted gross income is deductible.

Trusts and Other Life Income Plans - Cash, securities, or other property may be used to establish charitable trusts and annuities that can provide life income for yourself or a beneficiary. There are immediate and long-term tax benefits.

Bequests - Are excellent gifts for these who are committed to the Dictionary Project and its mission but are unable to make gifts from current assets.

Please talk with your financial advisor regarding the benefits of adopting these giving strategies. If you have any questions please contact Mary French at wordpower [at] dictionaryproject [dot] org.