International Partners

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We have many Partners that have helped us implement the Dictionary Project outside of the United States. With their help we have been able to give the gift of reading to children who otherwise may not have ever received a book for their own personal use. Many of our U. S. sponsors, such as Rotary Clubs and Kiwanis Clubs, have donated books for international projects in addition to projects that they sponsor in their own communities. This page features partners who work only overseas and who have included the Dictionary Project in their work.

When shipping internationally we will ship to your freight forwarder within the continental United States. It is then your responsibility to work with the freight companies to move the dictionaries to your final destination. If you need further assistance with this, we will be happy to help.

To help us implement a Dictionary Project in your country, please fill in this form and tell us more about yourself.

We are proud to partner with other organizations that are committed to making a difference. We would like to thank our international partners for their participation in the Dictionary Project.

Help us Learn, Give us Hope

Founded in 2008, Help us Learn, Give us Hope supports Iraqi, Afghan, and African school-aged children through donations from American citizens, schools, churches, and organizations that are sent to soldiers serving abroad. The donated items, which include school supplies, books, and toys, are distributed to the children and their teachers by U. S. soldiers. The Kansas City Dictionary Project donated dictionaries to this organization in 2006. Since then, over 10,000 dictionaries have been donated to children in the middle east.

Books for Africa

253 East 4th Street, Suite 200
Saint Paul, MN 55101 USA

Books for Africa is the largest shipper of donated textbooks to the African continent. Its mission is to end the book famine in Africa. Since 1988, Books for Africa has shipped more than 22 million books to 45 African countries. The Dictionary Project has been a proud partner of this organization for over six years. In 2004, the project donated 6,000 dictionaries to Books for Africa to help raise literacy rates, promote higher education and create a world of opportunity for children in Africa. The Dictionary Project donated another 6,000 dictionaries the following year and over 10,000 dictionaries in 2006, 2007 and recently in 2010. These dictionaries have been distributed all across Africa.

African Youth Outreach

406 Sethne Court
Monona, WI 53716

African Youth Outreach is a nonprofit non-governmental secular organization formed with the aim of sustained HIV education of at-risk children and young adults in the KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa. Money was raised to sponsor dictionaries to be distributed by African Youth Outreach to children in this area.

Africa’s Children’s Fund

4470 Chamblee-Dunwoody Road
Suite 440
Atlanta, GA 30338

The mission of Africa’s Children’s Fund is to assist under-served children and their families in the United States, the Caribbean and Africa, to improve the quality of their lives through education, affordable housing, nutrition, and medical programs. The Rotary of Topeka, KS, and the Washburn University choir sponsored 52 boxes of the Best Dictionary for Students in 2006, and Africa’s Children’s Fund was kind enough to deliver them to an independent community school in Johannesburg.

Bethany Memorial Foundation

The Bethany Memorial Foundation was founded by Dr. Solomon Negash and his wife Mekedes after the death of their two-year-old daughter, Bethany. The foundation's mission is to promote education that supports economic self-sufficiency in Africa. They donate books and computers to schools, sponsor education for orphans, provide computer training to communities, and sponsor summer internships for college students from the United States to work with organizations in Ethiopia. 10,000 dictionaries were given to Ethiopian students, schools, and libraries.

Hester J. Hodgdon Library
Hester J. Hodgdon Libraries for All Program is a Colorado-based, tax-exempt, charitable foundation established in 2003 to support the San Juan del Sur Biblioteca, the first lending library in Nicaragua, and to promote lending libraries in Central America. Since 2009, this program has included over 700 Spanish / English dictionaries obtained through the Dictionary Project.

Peace Corps Volunteers

We would like to thank Peace Corps volunteers around the world for their help in obtaining and distributing dictionaries to the communities in which they reside. In 2006, we sent atlases and dictionaries to Katherine Yvanovich, a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines. These books were incorporated into the first library being built in the small village of San Miguel.

U.S. Troops

We would like to thank our troops for their service to our country as well as their participation in the Dictionary Project. Throughout the years, the Dictionary Project has received inquiries from men and women stationed abroad, such as Colonel Gary L. LaGrange, who helped distribute over 10,000 dictionaries to children in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan through Help us Learn, Give us Hope. Dictionaries have also been delivered through Continuing Promise, in cooperation with Give A Kid A Backpack.