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  • Merriam-Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus
    Two essential references in one! Featuring more that 60,000 dictionary entries with hundreds of new words and senses added across a variety of fields 13,600 thesaurs entries include extensive synonym and antonym lists Dictionary and thesaurus ent...
    $120.00 per Box
  • Scholastic Pocket Dictionary of Synonyms, Antonyms & Homonyms
    The new edition of this popular bestseller is a 'must-have' for all intermediate and middle school students. A valuable reference for young writers, this portable and easy-to-use resource includes more than 12,000 synonyms, 10,000 antonyms, and 2,000 homon...
    $192.00 per Box
  • The Merriam-Webster Thesaurus
    Find the right word in seconds! More than 150,000 word choices with abundant usage examples. Abundant cross-references to alternative entries. Alphabetically organized for ease of use. Brief definitions describing shared meanings. Perfect for school, home,...
    $78.00 per Box
  • Thesaurus Synonyms & Antonyms
    This thesaurus provides age-appropriate words with their synonyms and antonyms arranged in alphabetical order. We've nicknamed this reference book the "Dinosaur Thesaurus" because it contains fun dinosaur facts and the names of over 700 dinosaurs. Made ...
    $60.00 per Box
  • Webster's  Thesaurus for Students
    Building a diverse vocabulary is simple with the synonyms, antonyms and related words found in this thesaurus. The alphabetical listing makes it easy to find the terms needed in a flash. Includes 122,000 synonyms, antonyms and related words to help w...
    $78.00 per Box
  • Webster's Dictionary & Thesaurus
    The 215-page dictionary includes more than 20,000 words with definitions and part of speech. Following the dictionary is a 212-page thesaurus with 50,000 synonyms and antonyms. Each section includes information about how to use the resource. ...
    $84.00 per Box