Merriam-Webster's First Dictionary

Merriam-Webster's First Dictionary

Publisher: Federal Street Press
ISBN-10: 0877793743
ISBN-13: 978-0877793748
Language: English
Year Published: 2021
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 448
Suitable Grade: K - 1
Price per Book: $14.00
Books per Box: 10
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A unique treasury of words especially written for children in grades K-2, ages 5-8.

This beginner’s dictionary introduces young readers to 3,000 words using 1,000 entries and hundreds of captivating illustrations by beloved children’s illustrator, Ruth Heller.

With this indispensable learning tool, children will have fun discovering more about words, their meanings, and how to spell them.

  • Teaches basic dictionary skills: alphabetization, spelling, parts of speech, letter sounds, use of synonyms and antonyms, and homographs and homophones
  • Jokes, riddles, poems, and fun facts all about words make learning fun
  • References to popular stories, fairy tales, myths, and nursery rhymes spark imagination and encourage language exploration
  • Words, phrases, and their meanings are discussed in full age-appropriate sentences, with usage examples to show how they are used in context