Word of the Day: Bask

bask bask / băsk verb 1. to lay in the sun or otherwise be exposed to pleasant warmth While the sun is shining, bask in it. African Proverb 2. to take great delight or pleasure; to revel Smiling to yourself is like basking in love: you become your own best friend. Mantak Chia, 1944 –

Word of the Day: Hypochondriac

hypochondriac hy-po-chon-dri-ac / hī-pə-kŏn-drē-ăk adjective 1. pertaining to or suffering from hypochondria, an abnormal or excessive anxiety about one’s health Doctors who have had experience with hypochondriac patients say one of the biggest challenges can be “organizing” the symptoms. Karlyn Barker, “The Whys and Hows of Hypochondria: Imagined Illnesses: They’re Enough to Make You Sick”, ‘Los Angeles Times’, www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1989-09-25-me-127-story.html, September 25, 1989 2. in anatomy, pertaining to...
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Word of the Day: Petulance

petulance pet-u-lance / pĕ-chə-ləns noun 1. a scornful or disrespectful statement or action Every old man complains of the growing depravity of the world, of the petulance and insolence of the rising generation. Samuel Johnson, 1709 – 1784 2. the state of being irritable without good cause Always meet petulance with gentleness and perverseness with kindness. Zoroaster, c. 628 BC – c. 551 BC

Word of the Day: Bias

bias bi-as / bī-əs adjective 1. in a slanting manner, obliquely, diagonally Bias cut tops and dresses accentuate body curves and drape beautifully with a few soft folds. Olga Balasa, “How to Cut Fabric on the Bias”, www.ageberry.com/how-to-cut-fabric-on-bias, January 3, 2023 noun 1. a diagonal line going across the grain of a woven fabric When a pattern is cut on the bias, it means that the pattern...
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Word of the Day: Hover

hover hov-er / hŭv-ər, hŏv-ər verb 1. to remain suspended floating, flying, or fluttering in the air And to lose the chance to see frigatebirds soaring in circles above the storm, or a file of pelicans winging their way homeward across the crimson afterglow of the sunset, or a myriad terns flashing in the bright light of midday as they hover in a shifting maze above...
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Word of the Day: Sunset

sunset sun-set / sŭn–sĕt adjective 1. pertaining to a law that ends a government program or agency at a specified time, provided it is not extended Sunset provisions are clauses embedded in legislation that cause regulatory boards and agencies to automatically expire after a given length of time unless positive action is taken to extend their lifespan, thereby forcing them to undergo review on a regular basis....
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Word of the Day: Done

done done / dŭn adjective 1. finished; completed The man who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt a man who is doing it. Chinese Proverb 2. sufficiently cooked To roast anything, just apply a light coating of oil to a food, season it, and place it in a low walled pan and put it in a hot oven until it is done. “Cooking Terms and Techniques”,...
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Word of the Day: Arrive

arrive ar-rive / ə-rīv verb 1. to reach a destination The one who does not make you happy when he arrives makes you happy when he leaves. Bengali Proverb 2. to occur or take place currently, after the passing of some time When one has faith that the spring thaw will arrive, the winter winds seem to lose some of their punch. Robert Veninga, 1941 – 3. to...
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Word of the Day: Guesthouse

guesthouse guest-house / gĕst-hous   noun 1.  a small structure for guests to dwell that is separate from the main house The gated one-third-acre compound includes a Southern Colonial-style main house built in 1921, a guesthouse and a swimming pool. Lauren Beale, “Orson Welles’ former home in Sunset Strip area is for sale”, ‘Los Angeles Times’, www.latimes.com/home/la-hm-hotprop-orson-welles-20110729-story.html,  July 29, 2011   2. a bed-and-breakfast; a house that...
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Word of the Day: Leprechaun

leprechaun lep-re-chaun / lĕp-rĭ-kŏn, lĕp-rĭ-kôn noun 1. a mischievous elf-like creature, from Irish folklore, who, if captured, is said to grant wishes or reveal the location of a hidden pot of gold Imagine if we were all magical leprechauns, and every wish ever made on a four-leaf clover obliged us to help others obtain their wishes. Richelle E. Goodrich, ? –
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