Word of the Day: Eagle

ea-gle / ˈē-gəl




  1. any large bird of prey belonging to hawk family Accipitridae which lives primarily in North America

Even the mightiest eagle comes down to the treetops to rest.

Ugandan Proverb


  1. in golf, a score of two below par on a single hole

There’s no question that the galleries still like to see birdies and eagles.

Arnold Palmer, 1929-2016


  1. a small badge or insignia with outstretched wings worn by military colonels

In 1832, gold eagles were authorized for infantry colonels because they were placed on silver epaulettes and silver eagles to be placed on gold epaulettes were authorized for all other colonels.





  1. to make a score of two below par in golf

What seemed like a two-man race expanded to three when DeChambeau eagled No.18, momentarily setting up the prospect of a three-man playoff.

Will Gray, ?-





  1. capitalized, describing a Boy Scout who has received the highest merit

Becoming an Eagle Scout is just about the only thing you can put on your resume at age fifty that you did at age fourteen – and it still impresses.

from ‘The Last Lecture’ by Randy Pausch, 1960-2008