Word of the Day: Thrift

thrift / Thrift




  1. the management of money; frugality

Thrift is independence.

Chinese Proverb


  1. a credit union or savings bank, also called a ‘ institution

Thrifts are generally smaller, local institutions and don’t have the reach or resources of a large national bank.

Rosemary Peavler, ?- , thebalancesmb.com/thrift-institution-393341


  1. any plant belonging to genus Armeria, which contains low-growing perennial herbs

There are many tufts of Thrift growing among the rocks; and each tuft has a number of pink flowers.

from ‘On the Seashore’ by R. Cadwallader Smith, ?-


  1. vigorous plant growth

There were cattle-sheds and signs of thrift in its garden plot.

from ‘The Land We Live In’ by Henry Mann, ?-