Word of the Day: Voice

voice / vois




1. the sound produced by means of the larynx and lungs, especially in humans

When the whole word is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.

Malala Yousafzai, 1997-


2. the particular range of sound specific to one person, often as a means of identification

Sometimes we should express our gratitude for the small and simple things like the scent of the rain, the taste of your favorite food, or the sound of a loved one’s voice.

Joseph B. Wirthlin, 1917-2008


3. the faculty of uttering sounds or the ability to do so

A voice is a human gift; it should be cherished and used, to utter fully human speech as possible.

Margaret Atwood, 1939-


4.  expression through words or other means

Conscience is the inner voice that warns us that someone might be looking.

H. L. Mencken, 1880-1956


5. the right and opportunity to present one’s wishes or choices

If you deny people their own voice, you’ll have no idea of who they were.

Alice Walker, 1944-


5. a vocal performer

I was trying to be Billie Holiday, because she was the voice to be heard at that time.

Ruth Brown, 1928-2006




1. to speak or declare

I tell it like it is, but I don’t voice my opinion unless it’s asked for.

Tito Jackson, 1953-


2. to provide speech for an animated character

I seem to voice a lot of sweet, kind of dumb yellow characters for some reason.

Tom Kenny, 1962-




1. of or pertaining to human utterance

Whenever you do an animated project or a voice-over project it’s inevitable that part of your personality comes into play.

Tara Strong, 1973-