The importance of a name

 Here in Knoxville, Iowa, our Rotary Club is just finishing handing out this year`s dictionaries. At the last grade school, everything was going fine and I was breathing a sigh of relief as we prepared to turn the class back over to the teachers. No students had been left off the lists we had received from the school offices and all of the students were genuinely excited about getting their very own dictionary with their name printed on a special Rotary International label inside the front cover. As we made a move for the door, however, a teacher stopped us and said that one of her students had just raised his hand.

Apparently, he has an unusual spelling for his first name and he wanted to thank us for spelling it correctly on the label. He went on to say that almost everyone spells it wrong.

Lesson learned: It is a great idea to personalize each dictionary with the student`s name. However, names are prized possessions, even at this young age, so make sure you get it right.