Aubreonna, third grade student at Holly Heights Elementary School, Millville, NJ

Dear Gentlemen, Thank you for the Dictionary. I will use it alot at school and home. Sincerely, Aubreonna Third graders like Aubreonna have been receiving dictionaries from the Millville Elks Lodge #580 since 2010. Over the years, the Elks have actively promoted education in Cumberland County by donating more than 2,900 dictionaries to local students. Their time and support is most appreciated!  

Thankful Students

Thank you for the dictionaries! I am getting smarter in my class and we always use our dictionary all day. – Kaylene, third grade student Thank you for giving us a dictionary. It helps us learn about the world and understand words that we don’t know. – Sha’tyra, third grade student

Javi, third grade student, Jacksonville, FL

Thank you so much for the wonderful dictionaries. I like them because they have lots of words and really cool facts about the plants, numbers, and presidents. I will use it for projects, tests, and words that I do not know how to pronounce or what it means. I appreciate you bringing these dictionaries so much! Thank you! – Javi, third grade student
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