Downloads & Forms

2021 Order Form – If you would like to donate by mail with a check, print this PDF form.

Book Labels

Have Labels Made Many sponsors like to include personalized labels in the books being donated. Although The Dictionary Project does not provide labels, we have included some helpful information with sample labels and several sources for having labels printed.

Letters of Intent

Letter to Superintendent – As a courtesy to the Superintendent who is in charge of the school district where you want to implement the Dictionary Project, we recommend that you send a letter to introduce yourself and your idea to implement the Dictionary Project in a local school.

Letter to Principal – Contact the school principal to introduce yourself and the program. Then arrange a day to visit the school.

Letter to Parents – You may want to give each student a letter to take home to their parents, to explain the program and the civic organization or business sponsoring the Dictionary Project.

View Sample Letters

Distribution Day

Presenting Dictionaries to the Students – When you visit with the students, let them know that you are interested in their education and that you want to see them succeed.

View Distribution Day Ideas for some examples of points to make while visiting the class.

What if there are dictionaries left over? – Because the books must be ordered by the case, sponsors sometimes find that they have dictionaries left after their distributions.

While our main goal is to get dictionaries into the hands of elementary school children, these books can be helpful to many other students. Some of our sponsors provide dictionaries to English for Speakers of Other Languages classes in middle schools or high schools. Adult literacy programs are very appreciative of dictionaries for their students. In addition, prisons have educational programs to help the inmates start their lives again, and dictionaries are very helpful there. Remember also to check with local home school groups, and to leave a dictionary or two extra at the schools for any new students who may arrive later in the school year.

A Dictionary Project From Start To Finish

Watch members of the Rotary Club of Daniel Island prepare and deliver dictionaries to all third grader students at the Cainhoy School and on Daniel Island. As part of the club’s literacy program the club deliveries dictionaries to all third grade students each year.