“Look it up”–The Dictionary Project

 Lakewood Elks #1777 through the generous donations from their members was able to participate again this year in the National Elks Dictionary Project and give A Student`s Dictionary to third graders in 32 schools–1,776 books in the Lakewood area.

Venita Collier, who has been delivering the dictionaries to the schools along with a presentation about the book, has been told from the teachers that they are thrilled that their students are recipients again this year. The teachers have stated that this dictionary is one of the best tools that they have to work with their students throughout the year because it is not just a dictionary but a book filled with many other resources that will help the students throughtout their years of learning.

This year, Venita even had Elroy, the Elks Drug Awareness mascot, help to deliver these dictionaries to some of the schools and the children loved it.

Venita said that it is a very rewarding feeling to see the excitement and happiness from the children who receive this and, ‘This is their own book.’