Potsdam Elks Lodge visits many local schools

Last fall the Potsdam Elks Lodge visited 10 local elementary schools to give dictionaries to their third graders. The schools and school districts include Canton Central School District, Colton-Pierrepont Central School District, Madrid-Waddington Central School District, Norwood-Norfolk Central School District, Parishville-Hopkinton Central School District, Potsdam Central School District, Tupper Lake Central School District, Little River Community School, and St. Mary`s School. They received many expressions of thanks from the schools districts they visited and from the students as well.

One student wrote:

Dear Potsdam Elks Club,

I am so glad you gave my classmates and me a thick and great dictionary! I will use it for as long as I live! The dictionary you gave me is very important to me and all the other third graders! If I am writing something and I come to a word I cannot spell, I will just take out the marvelous dictionary that you gave to me! I will not forget that you spent all that time, energy, and money for me! Really what I meant in this letter is thank you.

Your friend,


Lawrence Avenue Elementary School

Potsdam, NY