Sun Lakes Rotary Club sticker party

I imagine you have seen a thousand photos like these, but, just in case you have not, I will share these with you. We reserve a large cafeteria at a local high school and then invite our Rotary members, spouses, and a few friends to join us for a ‘Sticker Party.’ Yesterday the group of about 50 persons or so or so put on each of the following items on about 3,600 dictionaries: 1. A Rotary wheel emblem 2. A Rotary 4-Way Test bookmark 3. A Four-Way Test Donor sticker identifying those who contributed funds for the project. It’s hard to believe, but they did this for about 3,600 dictionaries in one hour and ten minutes!!
They love doing this…..without you, and your staff, we couldn’t have this outstanding community service project.