American Legion Auxiliary Perry Strickland Post # 172 shares thank-you letters

The following letters are from Edgemont Elementary School:

Dear Ladies Auxiliary
Thank you for serving in the Ladies Auxiliary! Also thank you for giving us dictionaries! We really use them! Thank you!

Dear Ladies Auxiliary:
Thank you so much for the dictionaries the third grade received this year. They are a very useful tool in the classroom and at home. The students have been using them to look up vocabulary words in reading, science, and social studies. They have been learning about guide words, syllables, and pronunciation in spelling/ phonics. We will be doing a unit specifically about dictionary skills before the school year is out, and these new books will ensure that each child has his/ her own resource.
Quite a few of the students did not have a dictionary at home until they received these, so they have come in very handy. The fourth grade students are also using the dictionaries they received last year. Thank you again for this wonderful gift.
Pam Lauritsen
3rd- 4th grade teacher