Dyer County third-grade students receive dictionaries

 The Jackson Council of the AT&T Pioneers joined forces with the Dyersburg Civitans to provide a dictionary including a gazetteer to every student in third grade in the Dyer County School System and the Dyersburg City School System through a program called The Dictionary Project. More information about the project may be found at www.dictionaryproject.org. On May 4, Ms. Linda Brumley with the AT&T Pioneers, Mr. Glenn Barr with Jackson Council for Independent Living, and Mr. Russell Maher of Dyersburg Civitans visited the schools and presented each student with a dictionary to keep. The dictionaries also included math tables, maps of the world, facts about countries, the Declaration of Independence, information about planets, sign language, Braille, and included the longest word in the English language, which is 1,909 letters long. Yes, 1,909. The students were very excited about the gift from the organizations.