Great Falls Rotary Club gives dictionaries to students

The Great Falls Rotary Club gave 1,260 dictionaries to third-grade students across the region this spring — and the group is itching to get more out in the coming year.

`Third grade is when students are introduced to dictionary skills,` said Denise Gray, dictionary delivery coordinator for the Rotary Club. `We think it is important for all third graders to have a dictionary of their own, and it is important to all have the same dictionary.`

Gray said it costs approximately $1,000 to purchase the dictionaries. This is the third year the Rotary Club has sponsored the event.

The dictionaries were delivered to 37 schools in five counties this spring. Gray said the Rotary Club hopes to donate to 50 schools in seven counties in the next year.

`The kids love them,` Gray said.

She added that any school in the area hasn`t been contacted that would like to be involved in the dictionary project should call her at 453-1163.