Klondike-Piney Grange continues its Dictionary Project

All Johnson County third-graders received copies of dictionaries in March as part of the national Dictionary Project. The Klondike-Piney Grange implemented the program to help students become good writers, active readers and creative thinkers. Bonnie Klasinski, representative of the Klondike-Piney Grange, presented dictionaries to third-graders at Meadowlark and Kaycee schools. Several home-schooled children also received the dictionaries. This is the fifth year that the Klondike-Piney Grange has sponsored The Dictionary Project in Johnson County. The group does this through money it has invested. `Third-graders are at the ideal age when they should be expanding their knowledge and vocabulary,` `It is when they learn dictionary skills.` The schools do not have enough dictionaries to go around to all the students in their classrooms, so this will give ALL third graders their own dictionary to use for the years to come.