Sierra Leone dictionary project

Dick Wallace, PDG, will be visiting Sierra Leone to distribute District 7470 Children of Africa Project dictionaries. Dick will be traveling with the African Youth and Outreach Project leaders Mohammad and Mariamma Sangari. The trip is scheduled for Spring 2011. The dictionaries will be gifted to the children in four schools of the impoverished Kona District. There are approximately 1,200 children in the school district and District 7470 Clubs have donated 900 dictionaries. We would like to give each child a dictionary and still need 300 dictionaries to meet that goal. The dictionaries are being shipped on a container from the African Youth and Outreach Project. In addition to the dictionaries, clothing, shoes, and school supplies will be on the container for the Kona District schools. Dick and Mohammad will be meeting the container and escorting the truck load of donations to the schools. The project is also seeking donations to help offset the container cost.