Warner Grange # 117 knows how to have fun

What is FUN?? For some of us it is sitting on the floor with a bunch of third graders answering questions about "Words for Thirds" or "The Dictionary Project." Even some questions I don’t know the answer to: Questions about the Super Bowl, gardens, How Old Am I? Do we protect animals?

What a cool class of kids you chose to present with dictionaries. But then You-all (I can speak southern too) already know that.

You’ll hear from us again as this project is one of our fun experiences. Right up there with pot-luck!!

We’ve presented to two schools where the third graders all have iPads. These kids still loved getting their very own dictionary. Tomorrow we present to a school that is in a less advantaged area and I know that we will be rewarded with warm cheers and thank-yous.

Thanks again for all your help,

Don Kingsborough

Warner Grange

Oregon City, OR