Santiam Valley Grange’s dictionary project story

The Santiam Valley Grange # 828 in Lyons, Oregon, was asked by you to tell our story about the 3rd grade dictionary program, so here it is.
I was at the State Session this past June; it was my first time. I was attending a Community Service meeting; that is where I heard about the Dictionary Project. I was inspired. I went back to our Grange and put a motion out there for the money for the books. They said yes, so I got a pamphlet and a check and sent it in. A couple weeks later the books arrived, one of our members put in each child’s name, and we took them to school and presented them to the students. They were happy to have their own books. I received a whole packet of thank-you notes from the teacher and the students. It really made my heart pump a few extra beats.
For anybody that wants to get an extra heart-beat, do this program.
Dottie Maas
Santiam Valley Grange # 828