Thank you, Rotary Club!

 Dear Dr. Geyer:

It was great getting to be with you as you shared your wonderful dictionaries with our Proud Pueblo Panthers! They were excited and delighted to become the proud owners of their very own dictionaries. I know they will put them to good use!

We truly thank you for your wonderful donation of dictionaries to our lucky 3rd grade students. We are doing all in our power to make certain the students in our school have a guaranteed and viable rigorous educational program. We work hard to have well planned, engaging and intentional teaching on a daily basis.

Using the dictionaries will greatly enhance the work our students do. Our students have gathered many rich words to make their learning logs. Students use their writing tools folder daily that contains important information, but nothing will equal the dictionary you have provided each third grade student. Again, thank you for making a difference for our Proud Pueblo Panthers!

I do so appreciate all the helpers that make the presentations so very special. Please know that you all are invited to attend our special Holiday Luncheon on December, 16,2010 from 11:00 -12:00. We would invite you to dine with us or if you would like to help serve that would be fantastic! We do let our helpers eat too!

Enjoy the Holiday Season! You have certainly made our 3rd grade students very happy.

Your Partner in Education,

Lynn O’Connor