Thank-you letters from students at McGregor Elementary

Shirley Anderson of the Dictionary Project distributed dictionaries to the third grade at McGregor Elementary School. Here are some of the letters we received:

Dear Ms. Anderson
Thank you for the dictionary. The dictionary is so helpful for me. I love my dictionary. It is helpful to look up a word if I don’t know how to spell it. Thank you again for my dictionary.
I love my dictionary.

Dear Ms. Anderson
Thank-you for the dictionary. I will use it to spell words the right way. I used it to write this letter.

Dear Mrs. Anderson,
Thank you for the dictionary there wonderful.
My favorite part is the longest word in the world that is awesome.
I take it everywhere I go it has so many words its like a giant reading book.
I also love the facts about the planets and the states.
I will take it to college and remember the time I wrote this letter to you.
Also when I’m older I will give to my children and have them use it to learn.
Your dictionary made me a smarter student.
Thank you so much I love the dictionary!!!!

Dear Mrs. Anderson
Thank you so much! I love this dictionary! I carry this dictionary everywhere! You are the best. This dictionary helped me a lot in reading and writing. This dictionary is the best! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! When I first got this dictionary I thought I was going to burst! You are so nice. I take it home every day. I can not stop reading it! Thank you a million times. This changed my whole life. Thanks a million !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!