Dictionary Project loses a friend

Every year since 1996, the Denver Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation has conducted its Dollar Dictionary Drive to provide dictionaries and thesauruses for each third grader in the Denver Public Schools, about 6,000 students each year. Cathee Fisher has been the co-chair of this project and its enthusiastic promoter. We were saddened this week to learn that she passed away suddenly.
The Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation is determined to continue the project this year in her memory and to provide both dictionaries and thesauruses to all of the students. Cathee was instrumental in having the child-friendly Thesaurus: Synonyms and Antonyms published by Dictionary Project, Inc. She helped inspire the cover design and wrote a forward to the book.
Those who wish to support the Dollar Dictionary Drive can do so by visiting the INC website or sending a contribution to Dollar Dictionary, P. O. Box 18347, Denver, CO 80218.

The INC published a testimonial about Cathee’s work and the history of the Dollar Dictionary Drive in their August newsletter. Click here to read it.