Support dictionary project

Here I am, for the fifth year, asking for your support to provide a dictionary to every third-grade student in our area.
As I reviewed my old records, it showed 3,364 books actually in the hands of students. In addition we make sure that each teacher has two books.
I have been thankful that the community has supported this program for the last four years, however, each year there is a new batch of third-grade students. All the work seems worthwhile when you are walking down the hall of a school and a fourth- or fifth-grade student sees you and you hear, "You are the dictionary people … those third-graders are going to be happy to see you." The thank yous we get from the teachers and students keeps telling us how important the dictionary really is. Again this year, the school districts are facing budget cuts.
Each summer I wonder if I can still promote this program, but if you continue to support this with your money, I will do my time. Right now, sit down and write a check. This year we had a slight price increase. It is now $42 for a case of 24. Many people choose to buy a case.
Make the checks payable to "The Baraboo Elks Club Dictionary Fund." Mail it to: Baraboo Elks Lodge 688, Box 103, Baraboo, WI 53913. Attn: J Merle Alt. As in the past I will not accept cash. All the money goes to buy books. There is no administration fee. Thanks to all for your support the last four years.
J Merle Alt, dictionary fund chairman, Baraboo Elks Lodge 688