Thank you, Rotary Club!

 Dear Ms. French,

We are happy to send you several thank you letters from third graders at Stillwater Elementary School in Stillwater, New York.

For the past six years we have distributed dictionaries to the four elementary schools in our area and are always thrilled when we read these letters from the students.

The Dictionary Project has become a legacy in our area since many of the brothers and sisters of the original group of students are now receiving dictionaries from us.

Thank you for your commitment to literacy and to our youth.


Robert Lohnes

President, Mechanicville Rotary Club

Dear Rotary Club,

Thank you so much for coming and bringing us the dictionarys. I am Faith and I am in 3rd garde, I attend Stillwater Elemantary School, Stillwater, NY. I am 8 years old. We all hope that you can come back to our school and tell us more about the Rotary Club. When I get home today I am gona ask my parents if I can join the Rotary Club. I want to know what else do you do at the Rotary Club. Anyway I just wanted to thank you for coming to my school and giveing us the dictionarys.



Dear Rotary Club,

Thank you for my dictionary. It is so helpful to me. My name is Jenna and I am a girl. I am in third grade. I use my dictionary almost every day. I have a sister named Mei Lei. I like to read about animals. I also have a teacher named Miss Wickes. I am glad that I now have a dictionary for school. I hope that you had a nice day.



Dear, Rotary Club

Thank you, for coming to my school and brining me a Dictionary. I use it everyday. It is the best thing ever. The Dictionary helps me words I do not understand, words I do not know, and words I do not know how to spell. I love the Rotary Club!




Dear Rotary Club thank you for the dictionarys. I use it evry day. Some of the words I look up are like respectfull and pretend and lots of other hard words. Thank you for teaching us about what the Rotary club does. It was acculy fun to learn about the Rotary club!! I love the Rotary club!!!!

from Sabrina

Dear, Rotary Club

Thank you for the dictionary. I hope you like this. Happy Halloween!

frome: Tyler