Dictionary Project slated to aid third-grade students

The Seymour Elks Lodge is preparing to donate dictionaries to third-grade students in Jackson County for the fifth straight year.

The Elks donate dictionaries to all schools, public, parochial and private. All schools in Jackson County are covered by the Elks except Medora. The Medora Lions Club furnishes Medora third-grade students with dictionaries. This year, the Elks will donate dictionaries to Hayden Elementary school third graders for the first time.

Any home school teachers are welcome to call 522-2104 to get dictionaries for any of their students entering third grade this year.

Over the last four years, the Seymour Elks have donated more than 2,500 dictionaries to Jackson County third-grade students.

Some Spanish to English dictionaries are donated to Latino students whose teachers think they and their families would benefit.

Studies have shown that children are “learning to read” up until third grade.

At the third-grade level, they begin to “read to learn.”

Some teachers develop some of their lesson plans around the dictionary. It provides a sound basis for future reading and learning.

The Dictionary Project is a national project. The Dictionary Project’s goal is to assist all students to become good writers, active readers and creative thinkers by providing students with a gift of their own personal dictionary.

The Seymour Elks Lodge is a part of that project.