Montgomery Lions donate dictionaries

Not only does it define words, it is also a resource for measurement conversions, contains maps of countries, has a copy of the United States Constitution, the periodic table of elements, multiplication tables, a list of the presidents, and more. On Wednesday, Sept. 14, third-grade students at Montgomery-Lonsdale West Elementary received books containing all this information when the Montgomery Lions Club members handed each one of them their own copy of A Student’s Dictionary.
Each year, the civic organization not only drops off these resourceful books to the students, they then go through the contents, teaching the kids what information is inside.
Students were directed to find the definition of words, pick out planets from a map of the universe, see the longest word in the English language and read about presidents of the U.S. All from information found in the 524-page book.
Lions Member Walter Miller said the Montgomery Lions Club has been delivering these books to the elementary school for at least the past five years as a service project to get a dictionary to all students.
The books are purchased by the organization through donations.
After discovering a page showing American manual sign language, third grader Desiree could be heard exclaiming to those around her: "This is a cool book!"