A valuable gift

A number of us in the Rotary Club of Lillington, NC, delivered dictionaries to both Lillington-Shawtown Elementary School and Buies Creek Elementary School third graders today. Upon receipt of this gift, the typical response from the children is overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Some are reaching for the dictionaries before one of our members arrives at their desk or table, most start thumbing through them, checking out the tables in the back of the book and the maps.
During the handout, one of our Rotarians will talk about the importance of a dictionary, and then ask the students to look up a word or two. We also always make sure to point out the plate in the front of each dictionary which has the Four-Way Test printed upon it. We recite the Test and then help to explain it so that the children might have the opportunity to use it in their decision-making. 
A parent volunteer was waiting at the Principal’s office at BCES and was excited to find out that we were the ones who had provided the dictionaries. Two years ago her daughter had gotten one and was still using it in the 5th grade. The child had mentioned receiving the book two years ago and that our group had presented them to her class.

Thanks for making a difference!

Glenn Hood
PDG Rotary District 7710