Dictionary of Knowledge

Join the Dictionary Project in a collaborative effort to create a beautiful new online dictionary where each word features sample sentences that impart knowledge and wisdom.
In 2005, Mary French, the director of the Dictionary Project, published the Dictionary of Wisdom with sample sentences from a wide variety of sources. At that time, she wrote, "The sample sentence seizes the teachable moment. When a child seeks to learn the correct spelling and meaning of a word he or she also learns something about the world. Children need a dictionary resource that shows them the power of words, the power of thoughts and ideas, and the positive force within each child."
Even in its incomplete form the book was over 700 pages long, so we knew that if it were to grow, it would need to go online.
The Dictionary of Knowledge is our way of continuing and expanding upon the Dictionary of Wisdom by using the accessibility of the Internet to allow users to contribute information and inspiration to the dictionary. Visit the Dictionary of Knowledge at www.dictionaryofknowledge.org. Browse through the dictionary, and if you have any ideas for it, use the feedback links to send us suggestions.
Thank you for joining us in this project to promote the power of words!

"The limits of your language are the limits of your world."–Ludwig Wittgenstein