Thank you, Elks Lodge!

Dear Mrs. French,
Enclosed please find several thank-you letters from the principals and teachers of the Quincy schools. We also received individual thank-you letters from the students which were put in a binder that is now on display at the Quincy Lodge of Elks. This year as always, delivering the dictionaries to the schools was a rewarding experience.
Maureen Mesheau

Dear Elks & Members of the Dictionary Project Committee,
I want to thank you so much for your wonderful Dictionary Project!
The dictionaries are a very valuable and worthwhile book which does everything you hope it will do for the children. It does help them to be good writers, active readers, and creative thinkers!
Be assured that there is much enthusiasm and excitement when the children learn that they are the lucky recipients of your dictionaries! They love looking through it for the myriad of interesting facts and looking up new words!
Your timing for sending these books to us was perfect! The children are beginning to learn of the great resource a dictionary can be and now they have their own personal copy as a lifetime resource!
Most sincerely,
Carolyn Major
Quincy Catholic Academy

Dear Dictionary Project Committee,
Thank you so very much for your dictionary donations. My students love them, and I know their academic progress will benefit from having them.
Caitlin Egan
Montclair, Room 8

Dear Members of the Dictionary Project Committee,
On behalf of the third graders at the Wollaston School, thank you for your recent dictionary donation. Each day, we strive to give our students the skills necessary to become successful and contributing members of society. A dictionary is an essential resource for all students. It is also an important tool to obtaining academic success. Our third grade students were absolutely thrilled when we delivered the dictionaries to their classrooms. They were so excited to be able to write their names in the dictionaries. Their teachers were equally excited to know that this resource would be available in all of their students’ homes. Thank you for your generosity. Please know that it is greatly appreciated by the Wollaston community.
James Hennessy