Thank you, Rotary Club!

I was reading through all of the thank-you notes that we received from the students we distributed dictionaries to this past fall, and I wanted to share a couple of them.

Dear Rotary Club,
Thank you for the dictionaries. I love the stuff in the back. We use to have to go to the teacher and have her spell the words for us. Now we can just look it up in the dictionary. I like the stuff like the sign language, planets, multiplication table, Roman numerals, the presidents, the states of the U.S.A., and the maps. My teacher said we can’t cheat on the spelling tests.

Dear Rotary Club,
Thank you for the dictionary very much. I can use it for my stories and other things too! So far it’s done me super duper google good! I’ve been looking up things ever since I got it! Without it I would be misspelling things! Thank you very much for them. You make children happy with the dictionaries! Keep up the good work!
From your friend,

This was our first year after a short hiatus from this project, and we are all so thrilled with the reactions we have gotten from the students and faculty members alike. Thank you so much for making this project possible!