Dictionaries and thesauri are a cause for celebration

The Rotary Club of Littleton, Colorado, has donated dictionaries to the third graders and thesauri to the fourth graders at Centennial Academy and East Elementary School in Littleton. Each book had a bookplate placed inside with a message from the Rotary Club and the names of the partners who helped with the project.

The Rotary Club received many wonderful thank-you letters from the children. Here are a few of them:

Dear Littleton Rotary,
Thank you for the useful dictionaries. I use the dictionary to figure out hard words while I’m reading. The most interesting part was page482, where I saw my home state, South Korea.
My job in class is ‘substitute helper.’ Whenever we have a substitute, Kylie, Annaliese, and I help out the substitute. Oh, I even made cards to write down what I searched in the dictionary. Thank you once again for the dictionaries you brought to our 3rd grade classes.

Dear Rotary Club and Bemis Library
I realy like it that you sent me my own dictionary. I will use this dictionary with homework. By finding words for my sentenses. I will also use it for reading, by finding words I do not know. Did you know that a dictionary is one of my favorite books because they have a lot of words. One of the words I looked up was plot. It means a secret plan. I realy hope I can get anther one.

Dear Littleton Rotary,
Thank you so much for the awesome dictionaries. I dont know why I do this but when I first got the dictionary I tried to look up my name but unfortunately it didn’t have my name. I was pretty sad. Well thanks again for bringing the dictionaries for all 3thd graders in Centennial. You guys are awesome.

Dear Rotary Club & Bemis library,
Thank you for all the students dictionaries. Now I can look up my favorite words: 1. mental, 2. CANADA!!!!, 3. mentality. Do you like those words?! I saw the longest word in English. I will use it in my sentences. I will use it when reading. I will use it when I need a word. I again thank you for the dictionaries.
Your pal,

Dear Rotary Club and Bemis Library,
Thank you for getting us a Dictionary. You guys made my day. I like how it show all the Presidents. It also shows my favorite place NEW YORK. I am flying there in a week. In the dictionary it shows the longest word in English. It is 1,909 letters. I love the dictionary you got us.
Your friend,

Dear Rotary Club and Bemis Library,
Thank you for the dictionary. We loved them. Here is a very long word
Like I said thanks. I looked up the word tepid. It means lukewarm or cold. Malaise means distress.
Your little student,

Dear Bemis library and Rodary Club,
I Love my new diconary. It is so cool! There is also other things in my dictonary besids words.
This year I study Presdents. In my diconary I can study my president even more! the presindent I study was John Toylor. I did not know he was born in Verginia.
There is also iformaton about plants. I can read the declarnation of indpendce! My freind found Meat. Meat is a nown. the defniton is the part of a anmil used as food.
I will leran a lot from this ditorny.
Mis Sdoto 3 grade student

Dear Rotary Club and Bemis Library,
Thank you for the Student’s Dictionary! I love the way the dictionary has the longest English word. Methionylg ect. I love the way it has Presidents. In my class we studies the Presidents. I basically love the whole book! I love the whole book because it’s fun to read and look though. In the dictionary I found the word…pace. The definition for pace is…a steady step or speed that is maintained. It is a verb.
Again, Thank you for the Student’s Dictionary.
Your friend,

Dear Rotary Club and Bemis Libray,
Thank you for the dictionaries. They are really smart. What I like about them is that they can help me with math, my writing, my ronan numerals, my social studies, and my sign language. Also, I can talk to my brother with out talking.