Sixth graders appreciate dictionary gifts

We have been providing dictionaries to our local middle school children for about 6 years. This year we received an abundance of thank-you notes. We live in an area of many single family homes, subsidized lunches, etc. For the majority of the children we serve, this is the first and only book they have ever owned. Every fall, I contact the schools, get the children’s names and insert a special book plate into the dictionaries with the kid’s names on them. As a side benefit, the school always knows whose book got lost.

Here are some of their notes:

· Dear Kiwanis Club, Thank you for the wonderful dictionary. I will cherish it for a very long time. I can finally do my reading homework without struggling. You have changed my life. Sincerely, Avery

· Dear Kiwanis Club, Thanks for the Student Dictionary. It has all of the words in it that I need, and it is very helpful at home and at school. Now I don’t have to use my grandma’s old dictionary. Love, Austin

· Dear Kiwanis Club, I want to thank you for the Student Dictionary. The thing that I like best is that I can finally learn sign language. Now I can sign my name. Thank you so much, Shelby

· Dear Kiwanis, Thank you so much for the marvelous dictionary. Now I can write to blind people and speak to deaf people. I appreciate your kindness. Sincerely, Shannon

· Dear Kiwanis, Thank you so much for the dictionary. I really appreciate the fact that you would give us such a nice gift. This dictionary is better than Webster’s. Sincerely, Chase.

· Dear Kiwanis Club, I just wanted to say thank you so much for this dictionary because I know that not a whole lot of children can ever get a dictionary. So, thank you so much! Love, Ashley

These are just a few samples of the 100 or so notes we received. I am grateful that you continue this mission. We will certainly continue to provide your dictionaries to the children of Lancaster and Northumberland Counties in Virginia.