A’he’hee means Thank you in Navajo

The Dictionary Project donated dictionaries to third graders at Indian Reservation schools all over the country. Here are some of the letters from the children at Crystal Boarding School in Navajo, NM.

Dear madam,
My name is Levin. I’m 9 years old I’m in 3th grade class. thank you for giving us the dictionary to us. We live in Crystal Boarding School. We love the dictionary and we are proud of you.
A’he’hee means Thank you in Navajo
Your friend

Dear Ms. French,
Thank you for giving us this Dictionary. I like this Book is so pretty. My name is Dreanessa and I’m 9 years old, i live in Wheatfields. I like school because school very fun. I lern how to be safe in class. I like to lern new thing in class. I’m a navajo girl. Our schools name is Crystal Boarding School. Crystal my favorite school is very good to lern. I think it is good for me to lern good things in class. I like this yellow pretty book. I thank you for this book. this book is cool I like it.
A’he’hee means Thank you in Navajo.
Sincerely Dreanessa

Dear Ms. French
I am Kali. I go to school at Crystal Boarding school I am 8 years old I live in Crystal junction I am a Navajo.
Thank you for donating these dictionary to us. I never had a dictionary of my own. I can use this dictionary for my math vocabulary and reading. I can use this dictionary for the words I don’t know how to spell. Thank you for this dictionary because it is very special to me.
A’he’hee means Thank you in Navajo.

Dear, Ms. French
my name is Kierra. I go to school at Crystal Boarding School. My teacher name is Ms. Davis. I like the Dictionary you gave me I can use it for my Math, learn to read words like big words, and our principal name is Mr. C. And thank-you for the Dictionary you donated to us it is cool and I like the book it has a lot of words in the book. And we have my teachers mom we call her grandma.
A’he’hee means Thank-you in Navajo.

Dear Merry French
Thanks for donateing Dictionary Books.
My name is Jayissac. The School I go to is Crystal Boarding School. I have never got a Dictionary Book. My birthday is March 22. I am nine years old I am a student of Crystal boarding school. thank you. I am a good student. I live at Navajo by Frog Rock.
A’he’hee means Thank you in Navajo
Senserly Jayissac