Dictionaries given by Avon Grange and co-sponsors

Avon Grange has many small county schools within a 75-80 mile radius. We cover Powell, Deer Lodge and Granite Counties in full and one school in Silver Bow County. We have three co-sponsors, mainly for the larger schools. The Anaconda Rotary Club and the Anaconda Enhancement Group, better known as the "Grumpy Old Men," helped deliver 94 dictionaries to the Lincoln School in Anaconda. The Deer Lodge Rotary Club and the Grumpy Old Men helped Avon Grange with all nine schools in Powell County. Avon Grange solely delivers to Ramsey School in Silver Bow County and the Grumpy Old Men help deliver at the four schools in Granite County. We usually make three trips, as the distant is so enormous. All together in the 2011-2012 year, Avon Grange and their co-sponsors have given 194 dictionaries to 13 schools in four counties. We delivered within the first month of the school year so the children would have the full use of their dictionary for the entire school year.

Report & pictures submitted by,
Clara M. Scott,
Avon Treasurer
Montana State Grange Membership Director