Providenciales Rotary Club provides dictionaries to island students

For the third year the Rotary Club of Providenciales has provided dictionaries for students in the Turks and Caicos Islands. This year they were able to distribute over 500 of the special Caribbean Island editions of A Student’s Dictionary with help from Atlantic Caribbean Line.

"I believe strongly about strenghthening and supporting the community which we live and work in. There are so many amazing opportunities to get involved with doing just that here in the Turks & Caicos – and my choice for the past 4 years has been to work with the AMAZING team at the Rotary Club of Providenciales. On a small island, every little bit helps, and the smallest of efforts has BIG and swift impact to many. One of my projects each year is the ‘dictionary project’ where we purchase these really cool dictionaries each year from an organization called ‘The Dictionary Project’ and distribute them across the country to Grade 3’s. Students really look forward to getting them, and they cherish them and hold on to them throughout many of their years. This year’s project was a great success, the many smiles you see when handing them out makes all the effort worthwhile, and I’m already looking forward to start getting things organized for next year’s handouts". – Rotarian Val