Thank you, Dictionary Project!

Dear Ms. Anderson,
We are extremely grateful for the very generous donation you provided our children.
I cannot express how powerful their reaction was as they received the dictionaries. They were deeply engaged with all the wonderful information included in the dictionaries!
It was amazing to see the students exploring the pages and to see their faces light up with excitement at the sight of something new.
Thank you very much!
Mrs. Quevedo

Dear Mrs. Anderson,
Thank you Mrs. Anderson for the dictionaries that you gave us. Also I’ve learned lots of things in the dictionary. Here is one thing I learned from the dictionary. I’ve learned that adept means to be an expert and highly skilled. But this is something else the worlds longest word. I realy enjoy reading the dictionary. I think it makes me smarter because it tells you what the words mean. Love, Katie

Dear Ms. Anderson,
Thank you for the dictionies. They are very nice I lerned the Periodic Table of Elements. It is very instresting. Now I know what h2o means. It means water. Na is sodium, Ne is neon., O is Oxgen. When I get to sevinth grade nobody is going to know them and I am going to know all of them.