Moberly Lions Club invites new members

The Moberly Lions Club has a proud and distinguished history in our community. Most residents of Moberly know the Lions Club by their signature kettle corn fundraising project that’s sold at most community activities.
Most citizens of our community are not aware that the local Lions Club is part of LIons Club International. LCI is a worldwide organization that is dedicated to improving the world one community at a time. It is hard to fathom the idea that a small organization from rural Mid Missouri is responsible for helping fight vision impairments in our community and around the world. However, Lions Clubs are responsible for much more in our community and around the world than helping those less fortunate adults and kids acquire vision tests and glasses.

The Moberly Lions is one of 90,000 clubs worldwide. Furthermore, there is at least one club in every developed country striving to make their community a safer and better place for all citizens.
The Lions Club message is a simple one, “serving together to make the world a better place for all people.”
Lions Club International projects vary, such as the ‘Green Machine,’ where clubs around the world have helped plant more than 6,786,015 trees, to teaming up with the World Health Organization for the fight against blindness. Moberly Lions Club projects are not limited to world projects, but local projects also: from park improvement, community activity donations, and helping those in our community obtain vision testing and eyewear.
The Moberly Lions Club pledged that the year 2012 would be the year to reconnect with the local community through student-based projects. On April 26 the Moberly Lions Club donated 154 dictionaries to the third graders at Gratz Brown Elementary (GBE). The membership of the club believes that reading is fundamental and there is no greater asset than an unlimited vocabulary. Lions’ fundamental belief is that if the world is going to be a better place we must have effective communication through both the written and spoken word. Another Lions Club upcoming project is awarding five students from GBE the Outstanding Community Service Award.
On May 19 the Lions Club held its semiannual pulled-pork sandwich/dinner fundraiser to raise money to help complete projects for the local community. We are asking that all citizens be on the lookout in the local newspaper for more information about upcoming events. Remember that all monies raised by the local Lions Club will be reinvested in our community, helping it become a better community for all citizens.
In addition, the Moberly Lions Club has designated the months of May to August 2012 as local recruitment months. If you are a male 25 or older the Moberly Lions Club may be looking for you! If you are a man who wants to get involved in an organization that has made the world a smaller place through technology and innovation then this is the organization for you. If you are a man who believes the greatest legacy you can give your family is selflessness and willingness to serve then check us out at If you are a young man who wants to serve our community with new fresh ideas with an organization that welcomes your creativity, then this is the organization for you.
Who are the members of the Moberly Lions Club and why should you check us out? The Moberly Club is a family oriented, social/service organization that impacts our community through service projects that help all citizens. It’s an organization that works with clubs throughout the world to make it a healthier, safer, and cleaner place for all people. Our motto speaks for itself, “we serve,” in any capacity that’s needed.
The Moberly Lions Club prides itself on the values that have kept it around our community for over 50 years. Our staple is service above self, honesty in all things, and integrity in personal commitments, and comradeship. Our local club over the years has built its foundation on family values and friendship.
We support diversity in all things; where men of all cultures, political affiliations, and religious beliefs come together for the common good of community service.