Children and adults love the dictionary project

The Rotary Club of Soledad, California, has participated in the Dictionary Project for five years, providing dictionaries for over 400 third graders each year.
Their project chairperson writes, "We had over half of our Rotarians participating in the handout to 6 different schools. We all love this program so much, and you will be able to see it on our faces as well as the children’s. As I have mentioned before, we have a dictionary can that is passed around at every luncheon meeting, and our wonderful Rotarians put in the can what they choose and within the year we have enough to pay for our 400-plus dictionaries.
Our third graders so look forward to this time of year, and we know that this may be the only book that some of them will own. My husband, Jim Willitts, and I, Beverly Willitts, chair this program and we have all five years and love it. Keep up the great work with the Dictionary Project."