Dictionary project at Allen Village School

Every third grade student at Allen Village received a dictionary to use at school and at home. The Dictionary Project of Kansas City provided each boy and girl a helpful tool to assist them in their attempts to improve reading and writing skills. The idea for this project began in 1992. A generous, compassionate woman gave 50 dictionaries to children attending a school close to where she lived in Georgia. In 1995, a nonprofit organization was formed and since then Allen Village students are among the 18 million who receive dictionaries throughout the United States.

Third grade Villagers were introduced to Dictionary Project volunteer Mr. Harmes who in turn, introduced himself and shook hands with each third grader. Mr. Harmes gave them an ink pen and watched as each one proudly wrote their name in the dictionary, identifying it as their own.

Knowing students would want to use their new dictionaries, Mr. Harmes gave them a directive to find the word TEAM. Students worked together to find the word then participated in a discussion about the value of being a winning team…one that’s learning! Mr. Harmes encouraged students to consider how we gain KNOWLEDGE as we learn together, which grows our CONFIDENCE and motivates us to SUCCEED!

Mr. Harmes concluded his presentation by sharing his gratitude for the attentiveness and respect shown by each and every third grade student. He wished them much success in life.