Elks care, Elks share

This year the Galesburg Elks Lodge # 894 gave dictionaries to third, fourth and fifth grade students at the Galesburg Christian School and third-grade students at Costa Christian Academy, and the third-grade students at Galesburg District # 205, for a total of 500 dictionaries. The teachers and teachers’ aides also received dictionaries. Plus, each school library received six dictionaries.
Each dictionary was tagged in the inside cover: "This dictionary is presented to third-grade students in School District # 205 by the Galesburg Elks Lodge and the Illinois Elks Association. ELKS CARE–ELKS SHARE."
PDDGER Al Urena was assisted by Past Exalted Ruler James Peacock and Member Connie Leath.
The students enjoyed getting their dictionaries.

Here is a sample of the thank-you letters the children wrote to the Elks: 

Mr. Urena and Elks Lodge #894,
Thank you for bringing us a dictionary, so that I can know the meaning, and how to spell the words. Then I could tell my mom, and brother all about it.
Gale Elementary
Galesburg, IL

Elks Club
Thank you for my dictionary. I really appreciate it. I will use my dictionary all the time. I really like it because there is a ton of words that I don’t know how to spell yet. We are writing you this thank you notes. Thank you very, very, very, very, very, very much, and one word that I looked up was appreciate.
Sincerely, your friend
Nielson Elementary

Elks Club,
Thank you for the dictionary. It will help me lean how to spell new words. it would be better to look up words than spelling them wrong. I love it very much and it’s great knowing how to spell words.
Nielson Elementary

Dear Elks Club,
Thank you for my dictionary. I really like it. I will use it for eternity. I also like it because red is one of my favorite colors. Thanks to you, I know how to spell uncertain!! This is unbelievable because it is awsome! You are the coolest people around!

Dear Elks Club,
Thank you for my dictionary. I will look to the words if I don’t know them. There are many words that I don’t know. A dictioury is cool and I just got my first one and I will use it forever.
Nielson Elementary

Dear Elks Lodge,
Thank you very much for my brilliant and cool dictionary! I am going to use this dictionary for my whole life. This dictionary is my dictionary and it is my first dictionary and i’m so excited! My dictionary is going to help me find new words for ever and I’m going to learn a lot of new words!
you’r friend,
Nelson Elementary

Dear Elks Lodge,
Thank you for my awesome, fantastic dictionary! We can use these dictionaries for spelling to look up words! The class can learn and discover new words! It helps us break words into syllables! You saved our school money! We will treat the dictoinary with care and respect! If we didn’t have these dictionaries we couldn’t look words up.
Your friend,
Stelle Elementary

Thank you for the dictionary. I will use it every day. It is the best thing I will eve use. i think on the weekend I will read a lot of these words. I will share it with my family. I will cherish it. I wont rip out pages. I think most people will be jelasie that I have a dictionary. I love my dictionary. Did you know a elk is a animal. I love big books.
your frend,
Stelle Elementary