Morning Star Rotary Club of Bethlehem Presents Dictionaries at the Calypso School

The Morning Star Rotary Club of Bethlehem recently visited several schools in order to provide many of Bethlehem’s third graders with a dictionary of their very own. Rotary Club member Ellen Roberts explains the day’s events: “We ask the children “What is the longest word in the English language?” There are always a few kids who will read the long word from the last page of the dictionary, but we remind them this is a riddle and the answer is silly, not smart. The answer is SMILES. Why? Because there is a MILE between the first letter and the last letter. You will see the visual aid that we use to fold back the “S”s so that children can see MILE by itself. It takes a while for them to get it but once they see that there are words within words, they are thrilled.”