Osage Community Elks Lodge # 2705 Donates Dictionaries as Part of School 1st Responder Program

The Osage Community Elks Lodge # 2705 recently donated 216 dictionaries to the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students attending a local Missouri school as part of the Lodge’s School 1st Responder program. Lodge members Frank and Jacki Scarpino share information about the program and the recent dictionary donation in the following note: “…Our lodge has developed a School 1st Responder program that is funded by a $10,000 grant from the Elks National Foundation. We have completed one year and have recently had the grant renewed for a 2nd year with another $10,000. Our lodge has “adopted” four elementary schools in our community (rural mid-Missouri) and with our funds provide items for school students, classroom teachers, or the entire student body. Items that we have provided include personal hygiene, clothing, coats, hat, mittens, snacks, school supplies, supplies for classroom projects of all types, computer accessories, and the list goes on and on. One of our schools made the request for dictionaries, not just for 3rd graders but for 3rd through 6th, totaling 216 students…” Included below are a few of the teacher and student comments and thank-you notes that the Elks Lodge received after donating the dictionaries to the local Missouri school: “…”The students really enjoy the dictionaries, and use them all the time. For some of our students, getting this dictionary makes them feel older and very important. I love to watch their confidence grow when they are able to use their own dictionary to look up a word.” Mrs. Haag, 3rd Grade, Stover, MO “Thank you for the dictionary. I really liked it. In the middle of the book I can learn how to do sign language right. I took it home and I read most of it before bed time. I wonder why the sun is so big in outer space and small when we look up at it.” Thank you, Morgan (3rd grade) “Thank you for the dictionary. The thing I like best is stories about the Presidents.” Thank you, Chris (3rd grade)” Frank and Jacki Scarpino add of the recent donation, “Providing these dictionaries to young students is so rewarding and fun. There is nothing like receiving a new book to keep and watching their young faces light up when they see what they can do with words.”