Third Graders Receive Free Dictionaries from Lakewood Elks

What a huge success again this year. Seems like every year it grows more and more. This year was our 6th year that Lakewood Elks gave to the 3rd graders in Jeffco County Area, the Student Dictionary (a total of 1944 books to 40 schools). The books are given to public and parochial schools. Each book has a label that we put in it telling the students as well as the parents that this is a free gift from Lakewood Elks. September and October were very busy months. As always the children are so excited to receive their own dictionary and it is theirs to keep. This is a marvelous book because it is not just a dictionary but also filled with so many resources that will help these students through their grade school years and throughout their future years in school. Not only that it is a great tool for the teachers in teaching the kids and it is so appreciated by the principals, teachers, parents and students which is so well expressed by all the thank you letters and cards we receive. I wish to thank Elk Members Eve Boerema, and Bunny Nelson; my daughter, Debra (a non-Elk member in helping me put the labels in the books) and to Marge Wamser and Bunny Nelson in visiting some of the schools with me as well as my daughter Debra. It is a very rewarding feeling to give these books to the kids and to see the joy and enthusiasm in wanting to explore these books. We did use the Gratitude Grant money of $2,000 which we got because we met our Elks National Foundation per capita of $4.60 for the year 2013-2014. BUT, I want to THANK all the contributors who donated their money toward this project because without that extra $2,000 we would have never met our goal, and we did it again this year for the sixth year. The Elks strive to do great things for our youth and our veterans and this is one fantastic youth achievement. God Bless All of You!