Third Grade Students “Race to Look Up the Word” with the Arden Rotary Club

On Monday morning, November 3, 2014, members of the Rotary Club of Arden met at Glen Arden Elementary School to continue the long-standing tradition of making sure that every third grader in the school has his/her own personal dictionary. Led by President Jorg Ronke, the distribution group included Past Presidents Bill Payne and Tom Robertson, Andrew Zehr, Carl Robertson and Gregg Solms. The five third-grade class members received their dictionaries, instruction in putting their names in the front cover, an introduction to Rotary, and finally, everyone participated in the “Race to Look Up the Word” with Gold Dollar prizes for the fastest to find the word. Over 100 dictionaries were distributed in this year’s project. Of special note, the third grade teachers expressed great appreciation for the Arden Club’s getting the dictionaries out earlier in the school year. Thank you to the Arden Rotary Club members for taking the time to engage with students and teach them the importance of a dictionary.