The Wausau Noon Optimist Club Donates Dictionaries During American Education Week

Optimist Clubs across the country are dedicated to “Bringing Out the Best in Kids” and doing their part through community service programs. For 11 years, the Wausau Noon Optimist Club in Wisconsin has fulfilled this mission by providing dictionaries to third graders in the public and private schools of Wausau School District. This year the Club donated 727 dictionaries to 18 schools in Marathon County, WI. The books were presented to the students during American Education Week, which started the week of November 17th, 2014. To continue the project each year, members raise funds through dues, by participating in the local fair, and hosting a St. Patrick’s Day raffle. By giving the gift of a dictionary, the Wausau Noon Optimist Club is encouraging educational development and advancing the well-being of children in their community. Definitely something to be optimistic about! Optimist noun: a person who habitually expects good things to happen Webster’s Dictionary for Students: Special Encyclopedic Edition