Frances Heyne Brings the Gift of a Dictionary to Yellowstone Academy

Frances Heyne out of Houston, Texas has made community service a life-long passion. In 2013 she extended her efforts and introduced The Dictionary Project to Yellowstone Academy in Houston. Yellowstone Academy was established in 2001 when a group saw a need and bought property in a part of Houston called the ‘Bottoms.’ Utilizing an existing school facility on the property, the school was able to open in 2006. Since then, the school has continued to grow and nurture children in the local community. Yellowstone Academy is “based on the premise that, through education and intensive intervention, children living in poverty can transcend their circumstances and grow up to become responsible, productive adults.” Heyne and other volunteer groups furnish uniforms, lunch, snacks, books, and offer counsel for various needs. “We just graduated our first class from 8th grade and many got in some very good schools,” said Heyne. “The teachers too are very enthusiastic about the Dictionary Project as am I. The students of course are fascinated with The Longest Word and immediately start practicing Sign Language and Braille.” Heyne is planning to continue the project this fall.