Breckinridge Elementary Schoolers Receive a Thesaurus

Altrusa International of Lexington, KY, Inc. purchased 960 thesauri and donated them to the 11 Fayette County, Kentucky, elementary schools that the Altrusa Club Of Lexington conducts an annual Dictionary Project to third graders. The thesauri were donated as resource books to be used by fourth and fifth grade classes.”We plan to purchase replacement thesauri every few years as needed. We have received an overwhelming show of gratitude from school teachers and administrators,” said Ginny Smith, Vice President. Michael Price, Principal of Breckinridge Elementary School in Lexington expressed his appreciation in the following note: I was walking through the building today and came across this group of 5th graders working on a writing assignment. Many of them were revising their pieces using the books from ALTRUSA. Thanks for your continued support of our school and students. Michael Prince, Principal